Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast! With a new guest on the show, we return to that age-old GNAPcast tradition of dissecting hypothetical circumstances--Would You Rather? ! In this Rather-sode, we discover that David has a lot of mainstream opinions this time and secretly harbors the desire to be Pikachu. Seth, on the other hand, is apparently a fan of Cinderella's work ethic and hates sleep. Who knew?

This episode features Cassie, a former English major who loves the element of water and is not a fan of eating penguins. (No penguins were harmed in the production of this podcast.)


You can play along at home, too! Ask yourself only the most important question: Would You Rather?

P.S. The achievement in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes we failed to remember during the episode is called "Don't I Know You?"

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