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Taking cues from our last episode, it's another trivia game! With returning guest Andrew, come along as Seth and David (maybe?) dive deep into the lore of Avatar: The Last Airbender with some improvised quizzes and fact-finding challenges of dubious quality. Beware spoilers again for this excellent show, as well as confusingly-worded questions, nonsensical statements, and Seth barely keeping himself awake! 


This episode features returning guest Andrew, a geologist from Massachusetts who's now seen The Last Airbender at least four times all the way through. Can you say "dedication?"



David's Fun Fact: Our original plan for this episode was to talk about anime, another subject Andrew is well-versed in. Once we got into the studio, though, we decided that since we'd talked about Avatar with Andrew back in Season 1 (and before I'd seen it all), it would be fun to discuss it again with some trivia thrown in for good measure.  

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