Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast--your source of geekly entertainment!

It's time for a new game, one that may or may not be a little bit complicated! Join David and Seth this week as they test each others' knowledge of movie and book quotes from some of their favourite geeky, nerdy topics. Along the way, we'll also discover that Seth has an absurd memory for names, while David might possibly spend just a little bit too much time on the internet.

From Star Wars to Sherlock, come along with us as we fight to the death for supremacy! ...in a trivia game. So, you know. Non-lethally. Unless someone has figured out how to win a war using only trivia quotes, in which case it would be lethal. Hmm... maybe we should market that. 

Whatever the case may be, enjoy this game of improbable trivia! 






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