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Where we last left off (cue ripple dissolve), Seth and David were meandering through the alphabet naming off their favourite Star Wars Legends characters...until they both completely forgot how the alphabet works. 

So, in an effort to correct that mistake (and find out who Seth's letter "L" character is), we present the second almost-half of the Star Wars alphabet in our longest episode ever! (There are still spoilers, but at least we fixed the counting problem this time. ;))



Fun Facts & Extra Stuff! - David

Weekly GEM (David) - Basso profundo is a specific range of extremely low bass voice, which is coincidentally also shared by Sir Christopher Lee (Count Dooku)!

L (Seth) - Among others, Mark Hamill has portrayed The Joker (Batman), Judah (Joseph, King of Dreams), Fire Lord Ozai (Avatar The Last Airbender), and Master Eraqus (Kingdom Hearts series).

N (David) - I was correct! The Lost Tribe of the Sith are directly connected to the ancient Sith Naga Sadow, through a series of novellas that manage to cross five thousand years of Legends canon.

W (David) - Rather than the Blue Angels, the X-Wing novels are more along the lines of Top Gun, but if Top Gun were a series.

Y (Seth) - Knights of the Old Republic was released to consoles in 2003, while the Darth Bane trilogy were released from 2006-2009. I still remember reading the third book of the trilogy when it was brand new...ten years ago.



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