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(Editor's Note: For your reference, this episode was originally recorded in January of 2018, just after the release of The Last Jedi. That's how far in advance we record these.)

Featuring a brand-new opening segment, join Seth and David this week as they dive deep into all 35 years' worth of Legends lore and name off their favourite characters, all the way through the alphabet! (As such, there will be spoilers in this episode too.)

 Don't worry if you've never heard of most of these characters, either--we love talking about these stories and will explain just enough to pique your interest. ...Yeah, who are we kidding? We'll explain way more than you ever wanted to know!

Either way, come along with us for another trip through hyperspace into that galaxy far, far away! (And also discover that neither David nor Seth can count letters. Oops.)


Fun Facts & Extra Stuff! - Seth

A (David) - Admiral Ackbar's homeworld is known by two names--it's referred to in-universe either as "Dac" or as "Mon Calamari."

C (David) - The only other name by which Darth Cognus is ever referred to in Dynasty of Evil is simply "The Huntress."

E (Seth) - Etain's son, named Venku, reappears in the first several volumes of the "Legacy of the Force" series as a prominent figure in Mandalorian politics.

I (Seth) - By "controversial topic," I mean that the Jedi Order has been extremely inconsistent about their stance on marriage throughout the stories. During the time of the Tales of the Jedi comics, for example (set in 4000 BBY), marriage wasn't forbidden amongst Jedi as it was during the Rise of the Empire era. Luke Skywalker's restored New Jedi Order also did not disallow marriage (for obvious reasons, as you'll see later)

K - Interestingly enough, Kyp Durron has been a controversial character both in- and out of universe, due to his impressive Force abilities, headstrong nature, and overall character arc throughout numerous books.

L (David) - Timothy Zahn, author of the Heir to the Empire trilogy, wrote a short story called "An Apology" several years back that prominently featured Luuke Skywalker.

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