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Well, here we are, the last episode of Season 2... it's been a blast, filled with memorable moments, exciting trivia games, and more dumb jokes than an amateur stand-up club. Thank you to all you listeners out there who've come along with us for all this crazy stuff.

Okay, enough sad things! In honor of this being the season finale, David and Seth decided to test their friendship with a trivia game to see just how well they know each other. Let's just say... it doesn't end well. (Spoilers: both of them were really tired and anyway something just seems off.)


David's Fun Fact:

This episode has actually been in the works since Improvapalooza, but since it was so funny when we recorded it we decided to save it for the last episode of Season 2. I do a majority of the post-production for these episodes, and this is the hardest episode I've had to edit yet because I was laughing so hard. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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