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Here we are... the penultimate episode of Season 2 already, and boy is it neat. We've joked about it here and there throughout the season, but this week we're finally tackling one of the most popular tabletop games of the last five years--Dungeons & Dragons! (Yes, we know it's been around longer, but now it's actually COOL to say you like/play D&D.)

Featuring returning guest Lucas, founder of Scintilla Studio, join Seth and David for a lively conversation on this fortysomething pen-and-paper game. We'll talk mechanics, history, and many, many embarrassing stories about things our characters have done over the years... 




Seth's Fun Fact: 

As of the time of this episode, I have redeemed my character's... inadvisable usage of "Meld into Stone." For the second time in our campaign, I used the spell, but this time it was to remove myself from a barfight with a dwarf whom our party's wizard had magically grown to nine feet tall. It makes sense in context.   



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