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As we start to get towards the end of Season 2, here's another thing we haven't done since Season 1--an "explains" episode! 

Join us this week as David turns the clock back and talks about some of the old LEGO games from before they really got going (and in some cases, before he was alive!). We'll journey to an island of LEGOs, race around a crazy racetrack doing time trials, and find out how bad LEGO used to be at naming characters! #VeronicaVoltage


Fun Facts & Extra Stuff! - David

I've done not one but TWO speedruns for LEGO Racers 2 since we recorded this episode. I'm actually ranked 3rd in the world for Any% and 2nd in the world for 100%.

As it turns out, Galidor was LEGO's worst theme, nearly causing them to go bankrupt in 2002. The TV show didn't get good ratings, the sets didn't sell very well, and this particular game wasn't even finished. The GBA version was finished in 2002, but the versions for PC and PlayStation were abandoned when the game studio (Asylum Entertainment) had to cancel its release due to financial instability. The PC version of the game was later published (unfinished) in LEGO game bundles, which is how I came across it in the first place. From my research, the PC version is generally regarded as an absolutely terrible game, with horrible graphics, repetitive music loops, weird controls, and various glitches and bugs. Even so, I don't care--in fact, it's still one of my favorite games. (Isn't nostalgia great?) I even the current Any% world record, beating the previous world record by nearly 8 minutes!

If you'd like to see me playing some of these games, check out my YouTube channel, MyTMorty Gaming!

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