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Here we go again with another Google Autofill game, this time centered on the much-beloved puzzle series Portal! (As such, this episode contains heavy spoilers for both Portal and Portal 2. You have been warned.)

Join Seth and David as they ask Google (and each other) insightful questions about gaming's dumbest robot, gaming's most cake-loving robot, and possibly the worst company CEO of all time--looking at you, Cave Johnson.  


Fact Checks & Extra Stuff! - David

"Does Wheatley Love Chell?" -- Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics

"Is GLaDOS Evil?" -- All we had to do was pull that lever

"Is Cave Johnson a Real Person?" -- More of J.K. Simmons' memorable voice roles

"Is Cave Johnson a Real Person?" -- The famous lemons rant

David's Fun Fact: In the Portal games, abusing the camera is one of my favorite pasttimes! I used detached cameras to speedrun two different test chambers in Portal 1--Chamber 17 (using only two portals and a camera stacked on the Companion Cube), and Chamber 18 (cleared in 47 seconds using a detached camera to prop open the door).

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