Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast--your source of geekly entertainment!

We're turning back the clock this week on the GNAPcast to chat about some classic Disney films! Except these all have actual people in them for some reason... weird. 

Anyhow, join Seth and David as they discuss some of their favourite live-action Disney films from before they were born! We'll also find out that Seth apparently needs more sleep before recording these things, and that Sean Bean is finally in a movie where he doesn't die! (But which one?? Stay tuned to find out...)



Seth's Fun Fact: 

As I may have demonstrated already on this show, I have a bizarre memory for names and dates. We mentioned just a couple of the animated Disney films near the end of this episode, but there was a point in time where I could name EVERY ANIMATED DISNEY FILM up to 2009 (not counting the Pixar films) in the correct chronological order. High school me really needed a life...

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