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This week we seem to have traumatized Seth, or at the very least dredged up a lot of bad memories from video games. But never fear, the GNAPcast is a great place for a group therapy session! ...Yeah, not really.

Join Seth and David this week as they talk about some of the most terrifying enemies and moments they've experienced in video games, firsthand or otherwise. We'll also discover that David watches more games than he plays, and that Seth is really bad at performing melee actions, especially when they involve spiders. 


Fun Facts & Extra Stuff:

Here's an example of someone fighting the spiders from Dragon Age: Origins, featuring a near-fatal Overwhelm towards the end - Seth

This was the boss fight that drove me nuts the first time I played Tomb Raider (2013), starting at 3:43 - Seth

The Harvester transformation I mentioned from Dragon Age II, beginning at 3:12 -- beware mild spoilers - Seth

Batman: Arkham Origins is one of those games with knives that I mentioned... picture this, but failing every single counter because I messed up the combos - Seth

Here's a short video explaining how the whole elemental resistances thing works in Dragon Age Inquisition. Sadly, I don't have capture of a two-and-a-half-hour long boss fight... - Seth

One of the first Kingdom Hearts bosses I ever fought, I managed to beat Crimson Prankster without knowing that it would re-duplicate if you messed up. Here's an example of that fight - Seth

The Omega Pirate, from the first Metroid Prime game, is still regarded as one of the hardest bosses - David

Bonnie! - David

This is part of Markiplier's Let's Play of "Joy of Creation," featuring all the terrifying Fredbear mechanics I mentioned in the episode - David

This clip, while not from the main game, features both clickers and bloaters from The Last of Us - David

Here, for your viewing enjoyment, is an episode of Markiplier playing Outlast - David

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