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Continuing on with our topic of comic book movies, in this episode we'll be talking about hobbits! (Yes, it will make sense later.)

Join Seth and David this week as they discuss some favourite characters from the X-Men films! Along the way we'll learn that the timelines of these movies get really confusing really quickly, why Seth thinks small children are terrifying yet adorable (well, one small child in particular), and just what the heck halflings from Middle-Earth have to do with any of this!


Seth's Fun Fact:

The first of the "reboot" X-Men films, X-Men: First Class, debuted in 2011. I've watched it numerous times, but it took me UNTIL THE RECORDING OF THIS EPISODE to realize that the titular "first class" refers to the group (class) of mutants featured in the film, rather than referring to a higher caliber (class) of X-Men. Gonna turn in my geek card now...

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