Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast--your source of geekly entertainment!

Last week we delved deep into a complex fictional device that made everyone's head hurt. So, to bring balance to the Force, this week we're talking about everyone's favourite red and blue comic book hero--no, not that one. 

That's right, it's Spider-Man (with a hyphen so all the comic book geeks don't kill us)!

Featuring new guest Jules, come along with Seth and David as they debate the pros and cons of the various Spider-Man films (excluding Into the Spider-Verse because it didn't exist yet), try desperately not to talk comic books the whole time, and still end up going on almost as many sidetracks as Grand Central Station (see what we did there?). 


This episode features Jules, a pianist from Ohio who may or may not have an entire bookshelf's worth of Spider-Man comics in his apartment.

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