Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast--your source of geekly entertainment!

Welcome to a very special episode of the GNAPcast, one that was a long time in the planning--it's Improvapalooza, the episode where everything's made up and the points don't matter! 

In an episode inspired by their love of improv comedy and shows like Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, join Seth, David, and featuring returning guest Luke and new guest Lucas (aka SparkOtter) as they fumble their way through several improvised comedy sketches (some of which work surprisingly well in a non-visual medium).

Along the way we'll discover that it's really hard for an amnesiac to give a press conference, that Luke and Lucas could both be voice actors, and that every accent David does turns into Arnold Schwarzenegger pretending to be Scottish! 


5% Savvy is a musical project created by Seth, Luke, and Lucas with influences from Broadway to Irish folk music. You can find out more about us on Twitter, or by checking out our website. Stay Savvy! 


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