Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast--your source of geekly entertainment!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GNAPCAST!! We started this crazy thing a year ago today, and it's been a wild ride with tons of goofy jokes, random trivia, and great memories! Thank you guys for coming along with us. We couldn't have done it without you.

Okay, enough sappy stuff. On with the show!

It's time to let our dark sides out here on the GNAPcast--no, we're not becoming Sith Lords (although we hear they have a fantastic dental plan). We're going to share some of our favourite animated villains, from movies, animated TV shows, and more! (And maybe probably have mostly the same list of villains, for some reason?) 

Join Seth and David as they discuss what makes a villain good (as an antagonistic character, not morally), Seth's true motivation for discussing villainy on the show (we still aren't sure if he's actually a villain or not...), and whether or not David actually understands what "scary" means!


Seth's Fun Fact: 

The fact that (spoilers) David put Azula, of all people, on his "goofy villain" list got us so off-topic that we spent nearly twenty minutes debating this point before he finally explained his reasoning. Even though she's voiced by Grey Griffin, who's usually known for playing far more lighthearted characters, Azula still remains one of the most terrifying sub-villains I've ever seen in a show...especially when she loses control.  


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