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Last week we talked about film scores that we really enjoy listening to, which got us thinking--what about productions with songs and choreography set to no discernable music source? That's right, guys--it's another episode about musicals!

 Join Seth and David as they chat about, spoil, and sing pieces of their favourite songs from musicals. Along the way we'll learn how David and Seth first met; that Seth has a penchant for really depressing songs; and that even after almost a season and a half of being around Seth, David still can't do stage accents at all!


David's Fun Fact:

In case you hadn't already picked up on this, I've been involved in musical theater a fair bit longer than Seth, meaning that I know quite a few more musical numbers than he does. If it seems like I'm talking for the majority of this episode, first of all I apologize; but second, that's why.

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