Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast! It's that time again--time to spin the Wheel of Mor...uh, that is, to play Would You Rather

Join David, Seth, and new guest Jesse as we once again try to logic our way through the Internet, with some life-altering questions and bizarrely thought-provoking conundrums (to absolutely no one's surprise). As Jesse points out, some of these are simply terrible, but we do find out that Seth wishes he was a genius, we all prefer the Beatles over the Rolling Stones, and that despite our best efforts, none of us can do the Epic Trailer Guy's voice.

This episode features Jesse, a computer engineer from Missouri who thinks Dawn of Justice would've been better with Nicholas Cage in it and hates sleep. (But really, don't we all at some point?)


You can play along at home, too! Ask yourself only the most important question: Would You Rather?

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