Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast! Here we go again--we're about to tackle another lively attempt to logic through some bizarre and totally relevant hypothetical situations--it's Would You Rather!

Join David, Seth, and brand-new guest Abi on an adventure through the Internet, where we discover that after 15 episodes we've managed to finally go mainstream!...according to this game, at least. We also learn that David wishes he had a Batcave, Seth wants to be an Ewok, and that some of us (not naming any names) really, really hate spiders. 

This episode features Abi, a broadcasting tech-in-training from Ohio who has no sense of balance and thinks Superman is overpowered. (You can decide for yourselves if she's right, we refuse to comment.)


You can play along at home, too! Ask yourself only the most important question: Would You Rather?


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