Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast! In this epic finale to our two-part Harry Potter quiz, we (and Luke) discuss, blindly guess, and dream-logic our way through more trivia questions about the Wizarding World! Come along with us to find out things you never knew you wanted to know about The Boy Who Lived; and again, beware spoilers for this book/film series that now includes a five-part film series based on a textbook mentioned one time in the first book! 

This episode features Luke, our Trivia-giver and a man who very much enjoys chunky peanut butter.   


You can play along at home, too! Here's the Cleansweep Seven level quiz (easy), here's the Nimbus Two-Thousand level quiz (medium); and if you're really feeling brave, why not tackle the FIREBOLT level (much hard)?!?

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