Heyyy, welcome to the GNAPcast! Continuing our trend of Harry Potter-themed conversations, this week we (along with our new guest Luke) tackle a trio of tricky trivia games all about The Boy Who Lived. And, y'know, some of his friends. They're sorta important, too. In any case, join us in this extra long, two-part episode for more Potter shenanigans--including some odd guesses and strange reasonings to get there--and once again, beware spoilers for this book/film series that's now almost old enough to get a reboot! 

This episode features Luke, a programmer from Maryland with a voice like an angel and a strangely scientific approach to making wand cores.   


You can play along at home, too! Here's the Cleansweep Seven level quiz (easy); and here's the Nimbus Two-Thousand level quiz (medium).


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